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 Mosley Sew-in Assistant, Save Time make more Money. The Assistant Every Hair Extension Specialist.

Ready to Ship

Every day you open the doors to your salon, ready to do business and enhance the beauty of all the people who continually trust you to work your magic and transform their appearance.  Your customer expects you to do their hair in prompt time with excellence.

However, when it comes to sew-in hair extensions and wigs, the abrupt interruption of threading needles, Throughout the hairstyle slow the process. limiting the number of services, you can perform daily. Costing you time and money!

Whereas you have the option of using a pincushion to salvage the situation, the available pincushions are small and can only hold a few of the larger needles required for sewing hair

Another issue is that available pincushions lay flat, while a vertical orientation is desirable to better support the natural motions of a stylist’s work.


The Solution

This is where the Mosley Sew-In AssistantTM comes in; an incredible first of its kind solution that makes pre-threaded needles easily accessible to stylists who may be performing hair extensions, weaves, and other sew-in services. This is an Extra-Large Pin Board. It allows access to numerous pre-threaded needles for up to an entire day’s worth of sew-ins! It is an amazing opportunity for you to save time, both yours and that of your customers, so that you can concentrate on providing quality services and making more money.


The Mosley Sew-In AssistantTM Advantage!

The value that the Mosley Sew-In AssistantTM brings to the table the power to control your preparation time so that you can then be able to service more clients in a day. It is a better way for you to manage your threaded needles while eliminating the possibility of threads tangling, which is another cause for delayed service time. The sew-in assistant also features an ergonomic vertical design that puts needles within easy reach of the fingertips and eliminates superfluous motion. A great fit for any stylist station, it also includes a tray and dowels for commonly used sized spool of thread. This tool making it an effective and efficient solution. This translates into optimum time management as you work with the focus remaining on the person who matters most - your client - at all times.

Be the first to get a Mosley Sew-In AssistantTM and redefine your customers’ experience. 



Hello, my name is Theresa Mosley and I am the founder & creator of the Theresa Mosley Collection. This brand was formed out of the need to provide hair stylists, other professionals within the beauty industry as well as customers with the hair tools and products they need to maximize efficiency while streamlining operations for optimum results.

One such product which has been an instant success within the industry is our Free Standing -Hair Assistant which is in line with our mission. Please join hands in supporting us in our journey to creating and launching these unique products which are guaranteed to transform lives while helping you save time and make more money in the process.


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